阿黛尔的回归 The Return of Adele
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阿黛尔的回归 The Return of Adele
The super singer star Adele has come back with her new album. The single song Hello has ranked No. 1 in the music charts. The last time Adele released her album was four years ago, it is such a long time for a singer to take a break. Many singers are so worried about being forgotten by the fans that they won’t disappear in the screen for such a long time. But Adele is the exception. It is known to all that she is fat and before she got famous, she was dumped by her boyfriend. But with her wonderful voice, she was welcomed by the fans from all around the world. They admire her and support her all the time. During her break time, Adele’s songs were sung by other singers, which made Adele be remembered. Now the queen is back and shows her great power. 


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